Saturday, November 22, 2014

Posting Absence

Posting absence, a 2014 timeline:
January:  Open up shop.  The Bachelor Pad  (see on facebook))
February:  Dad diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Fly to Texas, spend 3 weeks
April: drive to Texas for my daughter's wedding.  Dad attends and dances at wedding!  Father-in-law gets sick and we spend extra days until he is released from hospital
May - June: operate shop and other projects
July 3:  fly back to Texas.  Dad passes away on July 8.  Stay 5 weeks in Texas for funeral, house cleaning and sale listing and will probate.  I am the eldest and executrix of the estate
August-September: catching up, working shop and dealing with Dad's estate
September 30: mother-in-law has stroke.  Oct. 3 arrive in Oklahoma to help take care of her and her husband who has Altzhiemers.  End up staying 4 weeks.
November 6: return home to California.  Husband has a new job in Massachusetts.  He begins new position Dec. 1.  He leaves here Nov.21 after a week of packing his belongings.  Now my every waking moment is getting the house ready for the packing and moving.  But, wait... it gets better!  I am going to move to Oklahoma for the winter to take care of hubby's mom & dad and bringing my 3 dogs and 2 cats there.  I have arranged for my brother to fly to CA to help drive us in an RV while I drive my car.  The logistics of this trip alone has been mind blowing!  Should be sleeping in OK before Christmas.
But, wait there is more!  My 60th birthday is Dec. 2.  Months ago I scheduled a trip to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate.  So, in the middle of all this chaos I'm spending 4 days away from it.  Sweet!

So yeah.  In between all this I did manage to create some paper projects.  If I have a spare moment I'll post pictures.


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