Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

My new purchases for Halloween projects!

 Mini Pumpkins!

 Glass Pyrex lab bottles!  Got the two small ones for 25 cents each and the large one for 7 bucks!
Creepy family portrait.  Why?  Look closer, dearies...
Maybe a lost love one they wanted included in the picture???  A ghost???
Won't this cutie look good sitting on a pumpkin?
A stem of halloween colors.
Candy Corn Kitty doll.  (don't know why the pic is sideways)  Found this cutie in a store with lots of other primitive Halloween dolls.  Sadly, she was made in China.  Aaarrggh.  Of course she was designed here but the tag doesn't say by whom.
Blogger has changed the way we download, yet again.  Wish they would settle on something!

Anyway.  After my trip to Pennsylvania this past weekend, I'm ready to get back to creating!!  I have to work early today, that is why I am loading this now.  Check you chicks later!
Hugs and Happy Wednesday!