Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Sister

It's my little sister's birthday!
Among her many, MANY talents and interests, she loves scuba diving.  So, I made a underwater/fish themed card and bookmark.
The paper is from Graphics 45  I added "bubbles" with dots of Glossy accents.

The matching bookmark (front)
Back with a stamped quote and a picture of us a couple of years ago.  The last time we got together :(

I bordered the picture with bits of colored sea glass that I have been collecting on my beach outings.
Here is what I have collected so far
It is my therapy and relaxation for the couple of hours at the beach once a week.  Mind you, many of these bits are slightly larger than a grain of rice.  So, it's a good eye exercise as well.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

I was stash diving.  I sing it (to myself) to the tune "Jive Talking" from the Saturday Night Fever movie.  You're singing it now, aren't you?  Are you doing the dance as well?  HA!
Anyway, it all began with this sheet of paper.  As most things do with me.
When I found the card of velvet flowers by Prima (that I bought 6 months ago) I had to continue.  It led to this:
I haven't even put away Valentine's Day things for Heaven's sake!
Just couldn't stop myself until all stash was dug out and matched!

I'm sure you understand.  My goal is to make at least two cards in each color theme.
Then start on Easter!
Join Julia and the mass, worldwide following of WOYWW fun here:

BTW here are two cards made with the Glimmer Mist dyed flowers that I spoke about a few weeks ago.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Issues and a bit of a rant

Moving here was a culture shock.  As it pertains to paper and craft supplies, that is.  In Indy, I had access to really good stores.  Michael's, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and my favorite, Archiver's.  All well stocked and inspiring.  Here in Northern California, not so much.  Not even close.  No Archiver's in the whole state.  No Hobby Lobby.  Jo Ann's is minimal at best for paper crafters.  That leaves Michael's.  Extremely disappointing.  So much so that I emailed the corporate office.
Here's my riff (rant).  When you walk in there is a huge open (wasted) space at the entrance.  The paper craft area is a literal maze in the middle of the store.  Really!  I get so turned around in there!  Most of the paper shelves are empty.  Paper packs are spread all over the place and some are so high on the shelves you have to stand on tippy toes to look at them.  Themes are disorganized, even Martha Stewart's products are broken up.  Sure her folks wouldn't be so happy about that.  There is minimal supplies such as stamp pads.  And, worst of all is the tiny stamp area.  You would be appalled!!!!  Even the Tim Holtz area is severely lacking.  Tisk tisk.
As for the rest of the store.  Poor selection of ribbon, the floral department is broken up in to separate parts of the store.  The yarn section goes half way into the cake decorating section which leads into the wedding section and all of this is cramped in a space so small that a cart can barely get through it.
So yeah.
I received two emails from Michael's in response to my email.  Then, on Valentine's evening, at 5:30 pm someone from the store called me.  C'mon.  It was my night with my hubby and it was a number I didn't recognize so I didn't answer.  The message left was that if I could call her back in 30 minutes we could talk or she would call me tomorrow.  She didn't call back.
So, you may be saying, go to another Michael's.  That would be an hour drive.  So, shop online.  That's fine for some things.  But, I like to feel paper and take a sheet to the ribbon area to match it.  And, take a patterned paper over to the solid paper to match it.  And then there are embellishments and so it goes.  There will be just no replacing "brick and mortar" stores for online for some products.
Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE Alpha Stamps!  I have ordered from them many times.  Mainly because they give accurate descriptions and photos of their products.  But, sometimes, you just have to go and experience products for yourself.
Okay.  I'm done now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Showing the Love

Thought I'd post pics of this year's Valentines.
Michael's "Recollection" line has a wonderful paper pack called "Love Letters"  It's all on kraft paper and I made many cards from this pack.  For the one above I cut out a brown felt heart and stitched the edge in red metallic floss to match the glitter printed on the paper.  Then I added a flower, crocheted by my good friend Linda H. and a red metal heart brad.

Then I went a little "Goth"
Then "cutesie"

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Check it out !!!!!
What's on my Workdesk???
Well... not much in the last few days.
Leftovers from projects.  Not sure why or how my bottle of fingernail polish is there.  ???

I have been making Valentine Cards (25 so far)  And I opened an Etsy store (tonight!) to sell them.  As soon as I figure out how to get a sidebar link I'll put that on my blog.
In the meantime...
 I needed a certain color of flowers to match a ribbon for a project.  So... I pulled out my trusty Glimmer Mist and dyed some white satin flowers.  The ones on the left are of one color.  The ones on the right are to match a chocolate satin ribbon.  I used a few spritz of Coffee Shop, one spritz of Graphite (to deepen)  and followed with a couple more spritz of Coffee Shop.
Then I got the big idea to match the ribbon and bow to the flowers.  The ribbon and bow started out as white satin.      *hint*  after spritzing the flowers blot them with paper towel and that takes the ink off of the pearl center.  It won't color the pearl anyway.  Also, the flowers have to be completely dry for a glue dot to stick to them!  I have no patience so I use my heat gun ;)
Card made using the dyed ribbon and flowers
I have used this technique on a couple of other cards that I will post tomorrow.
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