Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine's Day is coming up!

Here are some examples of last years cards. I take full advantage of all the embellishments I collect! Postcards, lace, feathers, rub-ons, chipboard, brads, embossing powders, die-cuts, stamps and of course my computer to generate some of the sentiments.

Little altered boxes

This is some of the ways I use those little boxes I save. The pink bird came home with me because she was missing an eye. So, I made her an eye patch. Then one thing led to another and she got all glitzy in the process. It was fun anyway. The little santa was given to me by my good friend and neighbor who found it at an antique store. I added a little bottle brush tree, snow, candy cane and ornaments. I used some "berries" for feet on the bottom of the box.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Using postcards

Several years ago I purchased a collection of antique postcards. 10,000 of them! Besides spending hours looking through and reading them they are a wonderful source of inspiration and images for my card making. Here are a few examples.
So, as you can see, I have come clean on all my organized foolishness and mayhem.

I am the first to admit this about myself: I'm cheap! I don't buy a thing unless its on sale, in the dollar bin or I have a coupon. I sometimes even recycle packaging into my projects! That kinda makes me a "pack rat" of sorts. I always ask myself, as I am holding something over the trash can, "Is there any way I can use this in the future?" I'm trying to be better about it, honestly! I have limited the amount of saved material to one plastic bin. That doesn't include the mounds of little boxes and tins that I like to make (or plan to make someday) into little shadow boxes or shrines. Really? Yes, I have watched the cable show "The Hoarders" All of my creative stuff is contained in one room, so there!
I have a huge work table. The problem is that when I am working on a theme and have all the parts I need out within reach, I end up with only about a 12" x 12" actual workspace! Its easy to lose tools and tape runners in the process. This tells me two things: there are so many possibilities and choices for any given project and I absolutely love it! I LOVE PAPER! It is irresistible to me! I think this may stem from the great feeling I got as a child when I got new school supplies. I remember, as a teen, going into office supply stores rummaging for craft materials. This was way before craft stores. There were hobby and art supply stores but, not much for those of us that wanted to make cards. Scrapbooks were mostly pasted in bits from events and pictures. Nothing very creative. Wow, we have come a long way in a short time!
So, about the paper. I have mine organized two ways. I have a tall shelf with bins and each one is color coordinated in solids and patterns. The second way is by theme. Bins and drawers with each one and all the embellishment that go along with them. How do you organize your supplies? I'd love to hear about it!
Welcome to my first blog post!
That being said, I respectfully ask that you be patient while I figure this out.
My goal for this blog is to have an outlet for my creative side by showing what I have learned during my years of card making and to connect with others who share the same love of the art. I will post pictures of some of my projects, some neat tips that I have learned and some step-by-step instructions. I welcome all of your comments and look forward to learning from you too!
Note: this blog has been created with an open mind and a good sense of humor, so let's have some fun!