Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Hello All!!!
Firstly.  Thank you to all those who came by last week and left such sweet well wishes about my hand.  I truly appreciate every one of you!!!!!!!!!!  It has been two weeks now and I have healed very nicely.  I'll have some teeth marks for a while but without any muscle or tendon damage, whew!

Yippee, it's Wednesday!!  The day of the week that all us crafters get to travel around the world via the blog sphere to visit one another.  All thanks to the Julia, the WOYWW Grand Dame of Wednesday!

My desk, as of today, when the first attempts of creativity happened in a week.

Two ATC's in simultaneous progress.  Beach themes.  I'll post the finished pieces soon.
Plus experimenting with alcohol ink, Ranger crackle and mica watercolor on the little canvas (left).

So.  Pupper goes back to the vet today for round two.  We are allowing more time for the sedative this time.  Fingers crossed.
XOXO y'all!!!!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Nadda, zip, nuthin.  That's what.  No change from last week due to my hand injury.
But, do please check out my first ATC swap (two posts below or button on sidebar)  Would love for you to join!!
Sorry you came by for nothing (desk wise) so I'll leave you a couple of pics you can upload to use.  Obviously I can still type and click, Ha!
 But, Julia has a ton of more sites to snoop visit just by clicking here


Monday, June 18, 2012


This is Allie as a puppy in August 2005

And as puppies do (so quickly!) she grew up
She is a border collie and scary smart!  Also, very spoiled but still as cute as ever!

So last week I took her to the vet to get her teeth cleaned.  The vet gave her a shot of sedative and said she should be out in about 10 min.   30 minutes later she's just as awake as ever.  Adrenaline was keeping her up.  They talked about putting a muzzle on her to give her a different medication.  As soon as the muzzle came out so did her full mouth of teeth.  NO WAY!  So.  We decided to reschedule for the next day with a different medication.
We went home.  As soon as she got inside the house she stumbled, stood still for a few seconds then passed out cold.  Yeah.
I called the vet.  They could give her a "wake up" shot if she was still in the car for me to bring her back.  Nope.  She waited until she got home.  She weighs 51 lb. no way I could lift her.  She was to be out for at least 3 hours.
Now here's where it gets interesting.  I'm watching her and her breathing is down to 5-8 per minute and so is her heart rate.  I'm stimulating her to breathe while I'm getting more worried by the second.  (I'm a retired nurse)  I decide that I must get her into the car and rush her back to the vet.  As I'm trying to lift her limp body she suddenly wakes up enough to bite my right hand!  She clamped down and began squeezing on the meaty part of my thumb/palm and the top almost to the point where her teeth met in the middle.  I finally pried her mouth open to free my hand and she immediately passed out again!  Now I'm the one with the adrenaline rush!  Washed and bandaged and tried to calm myself as I watch her now breathing fine.  Figures.
Next day my hand is swollen x 2, red, hot and hurting.  Off to the doctor I go.  Antibiotic shot in the bum and oral antibiotics to take for 10 days.  Fun times.
Hubby learned about it all afterward, Allie doesn't remember and I'm not sure when I'll tell the vet (we rescheduled).
So.  Not much creativity with an injured hand.  Much better today.  Took all the bandages off and am letting nature do the healing.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Hello all!  I'm posting today so it must be Wednesday!!

Not much happened on my desk this past week.  A few Father's Day cards and an ATC to go into the mail today.
 Pretty boring.

This is a lot more exciting!

Received from Sweet May from the UK!
A beautiful ATC and some goodies!
Thank you May!!

Received from the Lovely Lorinda from Canada!
"Girlie Girl" ATC, sooo pretty!
And, some yummy goodies!
Thank you Lorinda!!

Received from the Amazing Anne from the UK!
Two wonderful ATC's and an awesome card!!
Thank you Anne!!!!

Thank you all for your beautiful and generous gifts!  This is SO MUCH FUN!!!  We should keep it going!
Hop over to Julia's house   and see how all this started.  It's a blast!!!

I'm late as usual but I'm here.  Have to take the pupper to the vet so, I'll be around to see you asap.
Love and Kisses!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Is it already Wednesday???  Seems like I just woke up from last Wednesday!  As in, I must have slept a whole week in between!  It's 11:15 pm on Tuesday here in California so it must be Wednesday already in the rest of the world.

The Desk (as of 20 min. ago)
 A lot of piddling and a lot of nothing produced.
Playing with alcohol inks and dying stick-ons, crystals and pearls.
We'll see.  Mojo on the down side this week.
Here's the link to all this world nosiness:

Thanks for stopping by to see me!