Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amelia tags

In 2010 I submitted these tags for a magazine challenge.  Nothing became of them.  Since the new discoveries of her disappearance have come to light, she has been on my mind.  Since these tags were never published (and who knows where they ended up) I can show them here.

I hand dyed muslin fabric in coffee, then printed her images on to t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it on to the muslin.  Cut the muslin images to the tag size, frayed and inked the edges and over-stamped with travel stamps, wings and stars in brown ink.  I then used strips of the torn muslin for the top ties. All the images came from public domain on the internet.  I just embellished them, a bit.
Amelia was a unique, interesting and beautiful woman.  Yet, if you look into the history of women and flight, there are many more female aviators that came before her.  Amelia just had a better publicist.  She will still remain through history as the most famous.
Hey, art and an a history lesson...  It's good to know your subject.
Hugs and thanks for your comments!

BTW instant coffee granules sprinkled in shallow water works better for dying fabric than brewed coffee.  You get deeper stains.


  1. Stunning tag!! The last picture made me very hungry, looked just like pancakes with maple syrup...yummy :-)
    Sophie no.88

  2. such a shame they were not taken up by the magazine - their loss I think. The pictures are lovely and I am very impressed with your coffee stain idea, may need to try that one. Regards, Anne

  3. They are absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing them!


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