Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Sister

It's my little sister's birthday!
Among her many, MANY talents and interests, she loves scuba diving.  So, I made a underwater/fish themed card and bookmark.
The paper is from Graphics 45  I added "bubbles" with dots of Glossy accents.

The matching bookmark (front)
Back with a stamped quote and a picture of us a couple of years ago.  The last time we got together :(

I bordered the picture with bits of colored sea glass that I have been collecting on my beach outings.
Here is what I have collected so far
It is my therapy and relaxation for the couple of hours at the beach once a week.  Mind you, many of these bits are slightly larger than a grain of rice.  So, it's a good eye exercise as well.
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  1. Sooo lovely! I am beyond envious about your beach glass finds. I absolutely adore it and always look for it, but there is almost none to be found down here in San Diego (boo!). Thanks for your sweet Tallulah Mae comments--it was a silly post, but she seems to have such a range of expressions, I couldn't resist! xoxo, Sherri

  2. Lovely card and that beach glass collection is superb!


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