Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

Before pictures: After Christmas and during Valentine card making
Got sick of it all!  Couldn't even walk around the room!
Actually one of my shelf brackets over the computer desk started pulling out of the wall.  I had to unload the shelf.  Then what?  Total clean out.  Closets and shelves.
The "After":
So, yeah.  Where did all the stuff go?
To the dining room and living room.  Yeah.  I have to go through all this now.  Can you believe I had all this crammed into my studio???  (there are a few things that aren't in the pictures!)  I know, it looks like and episode of "Hoarders - Buried Alive".
Every day is a work in progress.
Thanks for looking!


  1. tis a gorjuss place hun, lots of lovely stash there

    thanks for the snoop
    judie 58

  2. I'm open to you mailing me some of this wonderful stuff! I'm not opposed to a few boxes sitting around! Lovely workspace and nice and clean!

  3. Love your before and after photos, what a great scrap room! Promise I won't contact the Hoarders Show - you don't come close to anyone on that show! Sue #83

  4. You have to make a mess to clean and organize. 89

  5. Great job on the cleanup - I've got a similar situation in a couple of my other rooms - but my studio isn't too bad (at the moment, however fleeting that might be.)

  6. What a great set of before and after pictures, lots of lovely stash in your craft room :)
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #88

  7. What a great crafting area ...everything is at hand

  8. That's one heck of a tidy up but I do think just moving it to another room is cheating a bit, lol!!

    Brenda 91

  9. OMG! Are we related? I took a picture last night of my craft room and what a pit!! it was and chickened out. I took everything out of the shelves thinking to sort through it and it is scattered everywhere! Thanks for showing me there is a light at the end of my tunnel!
    Vickie #80

  10. Well your studio is a delight for me, either way! I think you do have to get to a certain stage before you need to stop and seriously re-organise. Last time I did it I realised I was probably only using about 10% of my stuff - the stuff that was on the top!

  11. Ha ha! that is soo funny Julia and yes I am guilty of same! I just posted on my blog and whinged I could not find snowflake brads and where were they? on the floor of course..I posted the card I was working on yesterday and liked it quite well in spite of major hair pulling at various times..thanks so much for following (returning courtesy!)and so glad you do Calligraphy Ka!
    I am going to try and do a post once a fortnight as have quite few done, when I run out you will have to wait then for weeks as only do them over 30 to 40 hours approx. Of course I could stop card-making.. (me thinks not!)
    Shaz in Oz.x

  12. Wow I love your tidy studio - have fun sorting through all the stuff you have moved out ~ thanks for sharing Nicky 12

  13. Wow, I think I spotted you on hoarders the other nite...lol Can't wait to see it all put away.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo lucky #1.

  14. You almost fooled me there when I saw the pic of your beautifully tidy studio - and then I saw the rest! Had a similar problem this week with one of my bookcases where I store a lot of stash but DH came to the rescue. Look forward to seeing the final transformation when you sorted through that lot. Elizabeth x #96


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