Friday, June 11, 2010

The Chesshire Cat and the King of Hearts

The second in my series.  The main image is from a sheet from Alpha Stamps that was a freebie with an order last year.  The text that fits the scene, is from my childhood book.  Then I made the pin, including a green bead or two to represent jealousy (cause you know she was of her sister)  The Chesshire cat is my personal favorite.  We would all be that frank, in a catty way when, shall we say, the situation call for it
kat, puuurrr


  1. Brilliant Kathryn. Love the cat what a sweet image & your heart pin is gorgeous.xx Thanks for joining us at SCD.

  2. HA! I've always been rather straight forward, but the older I get, the more I get like the cheshire cat! Love your page.

  3. Love this..what a great design and the green beads are a perfect. So glad I found your's very inspiring!


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