Wednesday, May 12, 2010

8 and counting

All the while listening to Dick Dale surfer music on Pandora radio!  Just gotta dance!!!!  Did I mention that the 30 cards deadline is this time next week?  It's my own little challenge and deadline.  The stores I supply are very low on stock so, the more I make, um, the more I make...?  Dig?  Now it didn't take all day to make just a measly 8 cards.  Oh no, there were 3 loads of laundry, sweeping the whole house and patio, making dinner, washing dishes, washing my hair. etc... but, hey!  The night is still young and ole Dick is still wailing on that guitar!   (too bad I have to work in the morning!)
Later Chickies,


  1. Just dropped in to see your WOYWW. Your desk looks fab and your cards are amazing.
    A x

  2. These cards are gorgeous. Impressive make for one day with all those other things you had to do too.


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