Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I must apologize for not getting around to everyone's WOYWW posts today.  My dear (79 year) old father has paid me a semi-surprise visit all the way from Texas!  As it is with house guests, a certain amount of time and energy must be paid toward their comfort, feeding and entertainment.  My wonderful hubby has no problem with getting by on leftovers when I am caught up in "creative mode".  Considering that it is just the two of us most of the time, its not a problem.  Love having guests and cooking but, not so used to the interruption.  So, please excuse me for "dropping the ball".  I promise to make it up next week.


  1. Enjoy your visit! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I actually posted a video today with a couple of the projects that I used the paper clay, so if you get a minute feel free to check it out!

  2. Oh Kathryn it ain't meant to be a pressure - and having your dear father around is way more of a pleasure than sitting at the computer! I encourage comments and had a teeny pop at the people who regularly 'promote' their stuf but don't bother about the friendship side of WOYWW, which for me, and most of us, is entirely what it's for. Have fun with you guest!

  3. I'm late getting here, too. I understand having company and how it can interrupt your computer time. Glad to hear your father is in good health and can travel to see you. Enjoy him as much as I enjoyed your lovely flowers from yesterday.


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